"A Path (Made Straight)" - 
12" x 16" acrylic on board (16" x 20" framed)

Arrives framed and includes domestic shipping.


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Truly honored that "A Path (Made Straight)" was chosen as a semi-finalist in The Art Renewal Center's 15th International ARC Salon. It was selected out of 4,941 entries this year from 83 countries. Forty percent, 1,977 works, have been selected as semi-finalists.I’m very humbled to have my work chosen along with who I consider the greatest artists working today. This will be an astounding show!

“A Path (Made Straight)” is inspired from one of my hikes through the wilderness. I’ve come to expect that the company of stillness and solitude are most likely to join me.

This day was different. An element of danger and excitement mounted the deeper into the woods I traveled. A darkening sky and impending storm added to this I’m sure. If it decided to break, I knew remaining on the path would be keep me facing in the direction I needed to go however far that might be. Even with thunder rumbling in the distance, I was filled with a strange and wonderful peace.

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