Requesting the creation of a painting

Commissioning a work of art will be a unique collaboration between you and I. 

Through email we will discuss the details of what you have in mind regarding subject matter, size, price, and an estimated timeline.

I paint primarily from photo reference which is usually provided by you. However, if you have a vision or an idea we can explore that together and supply the reference if necessary. I will send a final composition for approval.

A 50% installment is required before your painting is started.


Before your painting is shipped the final payment is due.


When you receive your painting you will be blown away at how much more beautiful it is in person than the pics of the finished I sent you. All that's left to do is spend time with and admire the painting of the passion of your heart you requested.

Pricing Guideline  - includes framing

8" x 10" - $595

9" x 12" - $695

11" x 14" - $995

12" x 16" - $1295

16" x 20" - $1795

18" x 24" - $2995

20" x 30" - $3995

24" x 36" - $5995


Photo reference and final composition is agreed upon.

50% installment is due before painting is started.


A progress pic(s) and/or video(s) will be sent during the execution of the painting.



Final payment due before your painting is shipped.


Your painting arrives framed and ready to display. And you can't believe how much more beautiful it is in person!