"Five Days in Between" - 20" x 24" acrylic on board
(28" x 40" framed)

Arrives framed and includes domestic shipping
$2995.00 (Includes domestic shipping within the continental US)

I was driving past miles of marshland on the NJ Parkway heading home from a weekend at a friend’s. I was hoping the time there would be a distraction from a tough situation that’d been years long. I pulled over to get a closer look at what I’d been driving past for the last half hour. After standing there for some time, the immensity of it was all consuming. It was all I could see. My boots were sinking into the black mud as I looked through the cord grasses to the barely visible houses on the horizon. They seemed a world away. As the traffic continued to speed past behind me, I felt a fleeting whisper of relief; just enough for me to catch my breath for a moment of peace, a moment of rest. 

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