"Lay Down Your Burden" - 20" x 24" acrylic on board
(26" x 30" framed)

Arrives framed and ready to display!
$2995.00 (Includes domestic shipping within the continental US)

The marshlands on the New Jersey Parkway. A place where I can feel alone and ponder the depth of this place with traffic speeding past. 

The ground here feels like a sacred place. I feel hesitant to get closer while at the same time I can't resist stepping forward. Once I get settled in to my where I can drift into its vastness, it speaks to me of how it endures and weathers each day, each moment.

I feel a sense of sadness as the cars speed by
bypassing this beauty hidden in place sight. It dissipates  the longer I spend time in our silent conversation. I eventually hear, "It's alright, Bob. This is what i was made for. I'll be here waiting for you to return."

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