"Thereafter" - 36" x 53" acrylic on board
(41" x 58" framed)
Arrives framed and ready to display
$6500.00 (Includes shipping within the continental US)

I was driving to my sister’s when I passed this landscape... which I'd somehow never seen before in the last 20 years of my driving there. I drove for a few more minutes and realized I couldn't get this scene out of my mind; so I of course knew I had to turn around and go back. 
I watched out the window of my truck, for I don't know how long, before I got out. I felt a peace and almost joy in the solitude here as I stared at the gravestones and then passed them to the horizon.
Drawn to relationship between the gravestones and the distance to the dwelling that represented the living, I wondered if those in the house even know or knew who was buried there. I hoped so.

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